Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Work Day #6

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pauline St. Site: Giles, Bob, Mary, Lyn, Glenda
Errands and Clean up: Kathy, Carla, Nancy and Emma

The Wickfield St. site has come to completion of our portion. All we need to do is remove the bracing that was holding the greenboard in place until the Liquid Nails cured.

The Pauline St. site maxes out at about 5 people for effective and efficient working. It’s too small to have too many people and there is only one saw and one nail gun. So we decided to send five people to Pauline St. and four will run a few errands (like print out our boarding passes) and clean up Rampart Center so we can eat dinner, pack and be ready to leave by 5 am tomorrow morning.

The work crew got a bit of an earlier start and the rest of us got the refrigerator cleaned out and a start on some of the housekeeping. Rampart isn’t expecting anyone to arrive until May 10, so we made sure all perishables were disposed of properly. We took what was usable (and didn’t need refrigeration) over to the volunteer center for their use. Some of the items in the fridge were well past edible from past guests! The next group will have plenty of mustard, but won’t have to deal with icky milk or meat.

We were asked to clean the bathrooms, so we got that done. We vacuumed the carpets in the women’s bedroom and the dining room. Bob had already vacuumed the carpet in the men’s bedroom!

We found a place in the French Quarter, within walking distance, to print the boarding passes. This will make check-in as quick and easy as possible.

We then ran by the Wickfield St. house to remove the bracing. Then we took the tools we no longer needed back to the volunteer center and returned the keys for the Wickfield house.

We made a quick stop at Tulane University to pick up a pennant for one of Emma’s teachers. Mr. P has decorated his classroom with university pennants and we thought we could add to his collection.

We grabbed some lunch and while eating the other group called and let us know they would be done earlier than expected.

They were having lunch and then would return the remaining tools and gas up their van for tomorrow. We were able to have our final team meeting early and get to dinner before our restaurant of choice opened at 5:30. (This would be “Eat” down in the Quarter) We were able to get mostly packed (our bedding would have to wait until morning) and we all got to bed relatively early. The first alarm would go off at 3:15am so we could be on the road at 5am.

Today’s Volunteer Labor Debt Reduction:

5 hours x 5 people x $18 = $450

Total Volunteer Labor Debt Reduction:


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