Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Work Day #4

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pauline St. Site: Giles, Mary, Bob, Glenda, Carla, Emma
Wickfield St. Site: Kathy, Lyn
McDonald’s: Nancy

I took the time to sit with WiFi at McDonald’s and get everyone updated with the photos. The connection is slow and it took way more time than it should have. I am definitely spoiled by having internet and WiFi just about any place I need it. I have yet to see a Starbucks, Borders Books or Panera Bread… all of which have WiFi available. At least they do back home. There appears to be some sort of citywide internet access here. But connecting has been difficult and that service is ending soon. I can see some wireless ‘out there’ but they all connect to this citywide service via Earthlink.

So I go to McDonald’s, pay my $3 and get 2 hours of connection.

The Wickfield house is crooked. The bi-fold closet doors that need to be installed are proving to be “(expletive deleted) doors” for a variety of reasons. First and foremost is the opening for the doors is just *this* much too small. Then the house is crooked. So nothing is anything approaching plumb. The floor rises and falls within inches. The headers for the doors aren’t straight. Kathy and Lyn spent the morning working on those and still don’t have them installed.

At the Pauline Street house, they continued with the baseboard and window trim installation. Stain and varnish, cut and install.

We stopped work at about noon today. We went to Mass at 4pm across town. Kurt, our capital campaign consultant, gave the homily there this afternoon. After dinner he took us to dinner at R&O’s, a local favorite. It is right by one of the levee breeches. It was raining like a banshee when we arrived and dark when we left so we couldn’t really see the breech… but Kurt said it was right across the street and down maybe 50 yards at the most. Mary and I got to hear more of Kurt’s Storm Story during dinner. His Mardi Gras stories were good too. ;-)

Tomorrow is our day off. We will be doing some touristy stuff and seeing some of the city.

Today’s Volunteer Labor Debt Reduction:

4 hours x 9 people x $18 = $648

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